Uzbekistan started Hua Shan Cup with a 3-1 lost to Czech Republic

Uzbekistan national under-15s football team started their participation in Hua Shan Cup with an opening match against the Czech Republic.

David Krajinskiy opened the score for 16 minutes after kick-off by giving a 1-0 lead for his side at the interval. Adam Hlojek doubled the lead in the 67th minute before Diyor Rahimkulov decreased the deficit just two minutes later.

But, David Pech returned the double-goal lead for the Czechs in the injury minutes by ensuring a 3-1 victory for his side.

Dilshod Nuraliev’s side will continue their Hua Shan Cup campaign with tomorrow’s clash against the hosts, China.

Hua Shan Cup

July 13

Czech Republic 3-1 Uzbekistan

Goals: David Krajinskiy (16), Adam Hlojek (67), David Pech (90+2) - Diyor Rahimkulov (69)


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