Uzbekistan women's national boxing team has been invited to attend training sessions will be held in Hebei, China


China Amateur Boxing Federation invited Uzbekistan’s female boxers to participate in the special training sessions with Chinese female boxers in a Northern Chinese province, Hebei.

According to the official media release provided by Uzbekistan Boxing Federation, ten best female boxers from Uzbekistan will attend sparring sessions and boxing related workouts as a preparation for the upcoming international boxing championships.

Here is the 10-boxer squad of Uzbekistan Women’s Boxing Team.

Fotima Tursunboeva

Tursunoy Rahimova

Aziza Yokubova

Rayhona Kadirova

Gulnoza Rahmatova

Yodgoroy Mirzaeva

Maftuna Melieva

Nafisa Askarova

Ezoza Melieva

Gavhar Mirzaeva


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