Uzbekistan's boxers earned eight titles at the Valentin Zolotarev Memorial Tournament

The city of Andizhan is famous for its boxing schools, many of the Uzbek stars started their careers in those gyms. Altogether 177 male elite boxers attended in the new edition of the Valentin Zolotarev Memorial Tournament in Andizhan where 10 champions have been crowned from the light flyweight (49kg) up to the super heavyweight (+91kg).

Russia’s Andrei Potemkin competed several times in the Central Asian region and returned to Uzbekistan to get his next title. The Russian light flyweight (49kg) boxer had to beat two Uzbeks during his road to the gold medal including Sokhibjon Sodikjonov and Mamurjon Eskhuvatov in the final.

Uzbekistan’s Mironshokh Ibragimov claimed bronze medal in the Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games and competed also in the World Series of Boxing. The 23-year-old Uzbek moved up to the flyweight (52kg) and impressed in the final against Kazakhstan’s young Damir Abdykadyr. The bronze medals of this weight class are captured by Tajikistan’s Dilshod Okilov and Kyrgyzstan’s Nurzhigit Dyushebayev.

Uzbekistan’s Bukhara-based Mokhriddin Bokiev was one of the main surprises of the whole Zolotarev Memorial Tournament where he defeated three top international boxers as Hasanboy Latibakhunov, Oybek Jurayev and Abdulla Kuchkarov. Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games winner Abdumalik Khalokov dominated the lightweight (60kg) but he was unable to box in the semi-finals therefore the gold was earned by Sardorbek Ganiyev.

Following Ganiyev’s success, another Andizhan-based local boxer, Mujibullo Tursunov was able to take the gold medal following his success over Ulugbek Komilov in the final while Youth Olympic Games silver medallist Sulaymon Latipov achieved only bronze. Youth Olympic Games bronze medallist Jakhongir Rakhmonov was the main favourite for the gold at the welterweight (69kg) but the title was captured by Muhammadorif Boydavlatov.

Tajikistan sent a team to the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament and their top middleweight (75kg) boxer Bakhtiyor Mirzomukhammed delivered surprises in the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament. The 27-year-old boxer competed in all levels of boxing excluding the Olympic Games but his five successes over tough Uzbeks and Kyrgyz boxers were slightly unexpected in Andizhan. Tajikistan’s hope defeated Furkat Shomurodov of Karakalpakstan in the final of the category claiming a top result.

Uzbekistan’s Shokhrukhbek Rustamov claimed medals in the most important youth events in 2016 and after three years of experiences among the elite boxers, he is ready to do big things in the world of boxing. The 21-year-old talent had tough road to the final of the light heavyweight (81kg) but he managed to win these contests.

Former Uzbek national team member Mirzohidjon Abdullaev returned to the world of boxing and dominated his contests including his heavyweight (91kg) final against Ferghana’s 20-year-old Abboskhon Mirzaabdullayev. Bangkok 2017 ASBC Asian Youth Champion Lazizbek Mullojonov walked over to the gold medal of the super heavyweight (+91kg) when Ulugbek Mubinov was unable to box against him.

List of the winners in the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament
 49kg: Andrei Potemkin, Russia
 52kg: Mironshokh Ibragimov, Uzbekistan
 56kg: Mokhriddin Bokiev, Uzbekistan
 60kg: Sardorbek Ganiev, Uzbekistan
 64kg: Mujibullo Tursunov, Uzbekistan
 69kg: Muhammadorif Boydavlatov, Uzbekistan
 75kg: Bakhtiyor Mirzomukhammed, Tajikistan
 81kg: Shokhrukhbek Rustamov, Uzbekistan
 91kg: Mirzohidjon Abdullaev, Uzbekistan
 +91kg: Lazizbek Mullojonov, Uzbekistan


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