Uzbekistan's Maksud Ochilov has claimed a silver medal in the Cadet World Championships 2017

The Cadet World Judo Championships 2017 opened on Wednesday with a highly-entertaining day of judo which again showed the diversity of the sport while judo’s values were impeccably observed by the teenage competitors at the Santiago National Stadium in Chile.

The IJF Cadet World Judo Championships 2017, the first World Judo Championships of the year, will unearth the sport’s brightest young judoka as 428 judoka from 64 nations will go for gold in Santiago, Chile from Wednesday 9 – Sunday 13 August.

The fifth edition of judo’s premier u18 competition is the first World Judo Championships in this age group to emanate from South America and marks the IJF’s first visit to Chile.

Uzbekistan judo team started their participation with a fourteen-member squad including ten judokas in eight men’s weight categories and four judokas in four weight categories.

The first day in the capital city saw the boys’ -50kg and -55kg judoka launch their medal bids along with the girls’ -40kg and -44kg athletes.

Cadet Uzbekistan Judo Championships gold medallist Maksud Ochilov claimed a silver medal as he eliminated by Cadet Pan American Championships gold medallist Aldi de Oliveira (BRA) who threw his Asian opponent with a controlled tomoe-nage to setup the decisive juji-gatame from which Ochilov was forced to submit.


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