Uzbekistan's referees attend the AFC seminar for Additional Assistant Referees (AAR) system

Forty participants including the referees from Uzbekistan convened once again for the second stage of preparation for the AFC Additional Assistant Referees (AAR) system implementation that began on Tuesday in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, reports

The introduction of the AAR system was approved by the AFC Referees Committee on September, 2016, and will make its first appearance on the continent in the 2017 AFC Champions League quarter-finals first leg match between Al Ain (UAE) and Al Hilal (KSA) on August 21.

The AAR system aims to strengthen the support for referees and enhance the decision making process, particularly in the penalty and goal-line area. In operational terms, the referee, two assistant referees and the fourth official will now be joined by two AARs, who will be positioned along the goal-line in each half.

Other than enhancing the decision making process, the application of the AAR system is beneficial towards reinforcing match control through teamwork between the referee and the AARs by having two different angles of vision when looking at the same incident. This creates an improved assessment in and around the penalty area, especially when the referee clearly missed the incident.


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