UzPFL set the deadline for registration of players for 2017 Uzbekistan Premier League

Uzbekistan Professional Football League has announced that each Uzbekistan Premier (Oliy) League club should submit a squad list containing no more than 45 players.

The remainder of the squad including foreign players, up to a total of 4 players, 3 of them who are transferred from any countries around the world, can be registered in the final squad for the first phase of Uzbekistan Oliy league. Another one player should be imported from Asian countries only. 

Changes to the squad list of 17 players may be made during the period of summer transfer window.

The deadlines were set up for clubs in order to register their players will be eligible for 2017 Uzbekistan Oliy League.

February 10

FC Navbahor (Namangan) - 9.00 a.m.

FC Dinamo (Samarkand) - 9.00 a.m.

February 13

Almalyk (Almalyk) - 9.00 a.m. 

FC Obod (Tashkent) - 9.00 a.m.

February 14

FC Kokand 1912 (Kokand) - 9.00 a.m.

FC Neftchi (Fergana) - 9.00 a.m.

February 15

FC Shurtan (Guzar) - 9.00 a.m.

FC Sogdiana (Jizzakh) - 9.00 a.m.

February 16

FC Metallourg (Bekabad) - 9.00 a.m.

FC Mashal (Muborak) - 9.00 a.m.

February 17

FC Pakhtakor (Tashkent) - 9.00 a.m.

FC Kizilkum (Navoi) - 9.00 a.m.

February 20

FC Nasaf (Karshi) - 9.00 a.m.

FC Bukhara (Bukhara) - 9.00 a.m.

February 21 

FC Bunyodkor (Tashkent) - 9.00 a.m.

FC Lokomotiv (Tashkent) - 9.00 a.m.


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