Vadim Abramov: "currently, football has become such that if a win is achieved, the game will be bought or lost, the game will be sold ..."

After the match of the 26th round of FC Dynamo – FC Kokand-1912 (2:0), Vadim Abramov shared his opinion.

- Thank you guys for playing! Despite the fact that we were relegated to the professional league, they gave everything they had in 2 games in a row. As for the game, no matter what, the plan we chose for the game worked, and we won.

- "Dynamo" in 3 consecutive games met with teams rich in motivation – "Nasaf", who fought for the championship, "Surkhan", who played for the right to stay in the Super League, and "Kokand-1912", but acted well. Why didn't your team's game come out in other games?

- When I arrived, we could not collect the optimal content. Every time someone was disqualified or someone got injured. Therefore, we were unable to use optimal content. The main problem was our defense. We had only one nominal defender. The reason is. It's not about motivation or anything else. Unfortunately, football has become like that these days... As journalists write, if a win is achieved, the game will be bought or lost, the game will be sold... Let's see what they say now.

- You have performed well in the last 3 games. Stay in the professional league? As far as I know, you have never worked in this league...

- Yes, someday something will happen for the first time. So nothing. We will meet all this halfway. Let's see, I don't think that's a problem.

It is ok. Even in the Pro League, you can create a good team in a year that will adequately defend the honor of Samarkand," says Dynamo coach Vadim Karlenovich.

Source: Dynamo press service.


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