Vadim Abramov: Well, in this game I lost tactically

Uzbekistan head coach Vadim Abramov attended the post-match press conference after the White Wolves received a 1-0 defeat from Iraq in front of the home crowd.

“I would like to apologize to all of the fans. We wanted to make them happy with a win today. The game was good. Iraq was not a bad opponent on our road to the 2022 Qatar World Cup Qualifiers. You should play a good defensive game against such teams.

While we are winning matches, we are unable to our weak sides or mistakes on the field. It may seem like an excuse, but Iraq arrived in Tashkent on March 22, but we had even a match against the Ghana side on March 26.

If we are not doing well in defense, then we need to score more goals. This is football! If you don't score, they will hit your net. Iraq’s style not the same as Saudi Arabia’s. In this game, we conceded a goal and went on the attack. But Iraq played only on the counter-attack. Maybe we could concede another goal. We were punished for our mistakes.

Sergeev was injured. Shomurodov wants to score. So, I left him on the field until the end of the game. He was very angry that he didn't score. We are not thinking about the offensive line. He is a top player.

Well, in this game I lost tactically as it was an unlucky game for me"


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