Viktor Jalilov:

The head coach of “Navbahor" Viktor Jalilov shared his impressions after the match of the 25th round of the Super League "Andijan"-"Navbahor" (1:2).

- Matches between” Andijan and Navbahor are always difficult for teams. The results are unpredictable. As you can see, in the first round we lost on our own field, today we won on the field of Andijan. This is a real derby. But today's result was fair. In any case, we had more opportunities to occupy the gate. We got a slight advantage.

- Do you think that” Navbahor " played stronger today to avoid defeat in the first round?

- Each team has its own goals, each team wants to strengthen the game. There was also motivation in terms of the tournament. We know that Andijan is currently in a difficult position in the standings. The elite is fighting for the preservation of the soul. And we are working to take the 5th place. That's why we were striving hard to win. Even with today's draw, we were hoping for 5th place. And now the opportunity remains. Besides, a derby is still a derby. The games between our teams are always under intense struggle. Meetings between the teams of Namangan, Andijan and Ferghana will always take place from a geographical point of view.

- Will the coaching staff continue to work at Navbahor next season?

- Most likely, he will continue. There are contracts, there are obligations. In general, now we are not thinking about what will happen next season, but about the game against "Kokand-1912".

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