Vladimir Shin:

Uzbek boxing coaches are in great demand abroad, and a number of Uzek coaches work in national teams and clubs of other countries.  The most famous of them, without a doubt, is Vladimir Shin.

Vladimir Nikolaevich was a two-time winner of the former Union Championship in his time.  He also won a bronze medal at the World Cup, the World Cup, and the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the Former Soviet Union.  It is through these achievements that he is one of the few boxers to have been awarded the title of “Honored Athlete of the Former Soviet Union”.

After completing his career, he achieved a number of successes in the field of coaching and was awarded the title of "Honored Coach of Uzbekistan."  These days,  Experienced Shin is preparing the Japanese national team for the Tokyo Olympics.  We contacted him and asked him a couple of questions about the preparation process and so on.


- Greetings from Uzbekistan!

- I also send my greetings and congratulate people on the coming New Year!

- Vladimir Nikolaevich, how are you preparing for the most prestigious tournament of the last four years?

- Everything looks good.

 - Do your Japanese boxers have a strong passion?

 - Of course, Japanese boxers can achieve good results at the Olympics.  They are seriously preparing for this.

- In general, how many licenses did you get for the Olympics?

 - So far, 5 boys, three boys and two girls have won tickets.

 - Is it enough?

- We still have the last licensing tournament in Europe and we will try to get more tickets.

 - Do you intend to hold joint training camps with the national team of Uzbekistan?

- We would have spent.  But in Japan, quarantine has been started again and we can’t go anywhere.

- When will your contract with the Japanese Boxing Federation expire?

- Until the end of this Olympics, we have signed a contract.

- In short, thank you for your time and we wish you success in your work!

- Thank you for your attention!

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