Welcome to the Metallurg family, David!

Another Spanish specialist has started working at the football academy El Goleto Academy Powered by Real Madrid, opened at PFC Metallurg from Bekabad.

The other day David Blaskowitz, appointed by the Real Madrid Foundation as the new coordinator of the academy, arrived in Bekabad from Madrid.

19 nov 1

As you know, Luisma Hernandez, who started her career in this position, currently works as the head coach of PFC Metallurg. For this reason, David Brothers now works as an instructor at the academy and contributes to the more efficient functioning of the academy.

It is worth noting that David Blaskowitz has been working at the Real Madrid Foundation since 2017. We wish David success in the friendly family of FC Metallurg and good luck in his career at the football academy "El Goleto Academy Powered by Real Madrid".

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