Were doping samples taken from Uzbek athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games?

As it is already known, the long-awaited Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were held in July-August of this year, and the Paralympic Games were held in August-September.

During the games, members of Uzbekistan's sports delegations gave blood and doping before and during the competition in accordance with the established procedure.

It is worth noting that the number of doping samples taken before the competitions at the Olympics and Paralympic Games in Gala was significantly higher than at the previous games, the main goal of which was to ensure healthy competition and a high level of transparency in sports by attracting the doping-free athletes to the competitions, and the result was achieved.

Scientists from Uzbekistan received a total of 16 doping samples, 11 of them before the competition and 5 of them during the competition. In total, 39 doping samples were taken from our Paralympic athletes, 21 of them before the competition and 18 of them during the competition 


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