What did Ruzikul Berdiyev say after losing in the final?

A press conference was held after the final game of the 2021 AFC Cup. It was attended by the head coach of “Nasaf" Ruzikul Berdiyev, who expressed the following thoughts:

- "Congratulations to the opponent on the victory. The opponent won a well-deserved victory today. The first quick goal and the second missed goal eventually decided the fate of the match. We made a serious mistake in the second goal. The players are a little tired today in the hot weather. In addition, the fans of the opposing team also received excellent support. It also became one of the important factors of their victory. Before the second goal, we organized attacks. But after the goal we stopped attacking.

Our team is much younger, the guys have no experience of playing in such big finals. Today we tried to control the course of the game, but in the end we lost.

I would like to thank the guys for their game," the specialist said.

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