What is happening to the FC Yangier in the Pro League? The motivation is gone. The leaders left the championship. How did the head coach comment?

There is a fan who has watched the participation of the representative of the Pro League - FC Yangier in the current season, and it is certain that he has his own impressions.

The club fought hard to enter the top five. However, in the end, it was defeated by its main competitor FC Xorazm and entered the bottom five. But there were times when the team made a good impression during the season. Especially after Diyor Mirzaboev became the head coach, the team led by him had an undefeated streak.

But later, problems began to be observed in the FC Yangier. As a result, we are witnessing losing games. According to what we heard, the club has enough problems and some leaders managed to leave the team without waiting for the end of the championship. Diyor Mirzaboev, head coach of FC Yangier told the Sports.uz reporter the following about this:

- The club has a team that can fight for a place in the pro league before me, more precisely at the beginning of the season, - the head coach began. - Unfortunately, it was not the same at the beginning, and then when the coach changed, I took over the team. It happens everywhere: when a new coach comes, all the players want to show themselves. I don't want to discuss the people who worked before us. We tried our best. When we came to the club, we approached work differently. We were able to instill confidence in the players from the mental side. As you can see, we didn't start badly. Financial support was also provided in the place where I came from. The regional authorities and sponsors did not stand idly by. Prize money and monthly salaries were given on time after our winning games. The results also went up, if I'm not mistaken, we went up to 5th place. FC Yangier is a private team. Makhmud Orzikulovich is the founder of the club. This year is the fourth season. The players who played in the team before also say that the salaries were not left behind, they were all settled. This year, the monthly salaries of the players were at a good level because of the serious task set in the pro league. Later, when financial difficulties became apparent, the management made an offer in the second round and told us to work with young people and test ourselves. We parted ways with experienced players. Anyway, it's hard for one person to run a club, we understand that. Football is like that, someone wins, someone loses. With the name FC Yangier and its history, we cannot compete with the leading clubs. The head of the club is trying to support the team in any case. There have been no problems with the conditions created yet. There is only a deduction from monthly salaries.


We said a friendly goodbye to Muhammad Isaev, who joined in the summer. Islam Barotov also left our team. Apart from these, Shakhrukh Kholmatov, Nodir Yuldashev, Said Abdujabbarov, Elyor Mamasoliev also left FC Yangier. Of course, the departure of the main team members worried me as a coach. Now we are giving more opportunities to young people. After we failed to enter the top five, the team lost motivation. In this case, the coach is to blame. Couldn't do the job. I told the management that if we don't get into the top five, I'll agree with whatever decision they make, and if I have to leave, I'll leave. But the management told me to continue my work until the end. Our U-19 team participated well in the championship. We took a number of players from that squad to the main team and are giving them a chance in the matches. They are making their debut and scoring goals. I am happy about it. There is no irreplaceable player or coach. Any of us can share. We got everything right. Five of the above youth players played in the match against FC Gijduvon. We have matches with FC Shortan and FC Aral Samali ahead of us. We intend to win these matches and end the season in a good mood.

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First of all, I would like to thank the management of FC Yangier for trusting me and inviting me. The coach wants to use all his opportunities and show results. I have a good relationship with the management. But for now, there are no plans for next year. What does a coach need? First of all, there should be conditions for work. Of course, I intend to stay and work in the club next year and prove in the new season that this year's mistakes were accidental, - said Mirzaboev.


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