Who left "Pakhtakor" in the summer transfer window?

8 players left "Pakhtakor" during the summer transfer window that ended.

Get to know them.

Sardor Rashidov is a free agent
Javahir Alijanov - free agent ("Turon")
Giorgi Papava is a free agent
Shahzod Suyunov - free agent ("Olympia")
Shahzod Rahmatullaev - rent ("Turon")
Abubakir Ashurov - rent ("Turon")
Dior Ortiqboev - lease ("Bukhara")
Abbas Ergashboev - lease ("Andijan").

For information, "lions" also made new transfers. In particular, such legionnaires as Kimi Merk, Pavel Paulichenko, Matthew Steenwarden and Muhammadrizo Kushki joined the team.


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