Will there be 16 teams in the Super League next year? UFAhas made an official statement on this matter

The Football Association of Uzbekistan has confirmed that 14 teams will participate in the Super League next year.

"Today the Coca-Cola Superliga-2021 season is coming to an end. The championship was full of intense and uncompromising debates until the last round. The fight for the prize positions in the top three and for staying in the top league went on stubbornly. Ufa and the PFL, despite the difficulties encountered during the championship, have set priorities in compliance with sports principles and will continue to strictly follow this.

Recently, there have been suggestions on social networks that the number of participating clubs will be increased in the 2022 Super League season, and 16 clubs will take part in the championship. We inform you that Ufa and PFL do not make changes to the current regulations and strictly adhere to sports principles. The number of participating Super League teams will not change next season. We call on the experts taking the initiative in this regard to comply with the rules," the official statement of the organization says.


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