XXIX Uzbekistan Cup: pairs and date of semifinals

PFL Uz announced the dates of the matches of the 1/2 finals of the Uzbekistan Cup.


nov 2

The owners of the fields are the teams listed in pairs first. Note that for some reason the logistics method was ignored by the PFL in relation to the second pair: because of this, Nasaf will play away again, and AGMk will play at home again. But to expect any intelligible actions from our PFL is fantastic. And it, as you know from the joke, is "on the 5th floor." And then unattainable: there, the acting director of the PFL decides who can or cannot do what.

Матнда хатолик топсангиз, ўша хатони белгилаб, бизга жўнатинг (Ctrl + Enter)


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