A press conference was held ahead of the World Sambo Championship hosted by Uzbekistan

The press conference was attended by President of the International Sambo Federation Vasily Shestakov, President of the Asian Sambo Organization Alamjon Mullaev, heads of regional federations, Chairman of the Sambo Association of Uzbekistan Alisher Alimov and others.

"In July, for the first time since our recognition by the International Olympic Committee, we are organizing the World Championship now. That is why this competition is very important for us.

I thank the organizers. The coronavirus was unable to accept the host WC. The Uzbek Sambo Association, led by Alisher Alimov, has claimed responsibility. I thank Uzbekistan for that,”-Shestakov said.

Alisher Alimov: "With the support of the International Sambo Federation, we are able to hold the world championship in our country, in Tashkent. We are ready to host the world championship. We have experience in holding major Asian championships. But with the support of the International Sambo Federation, the Asian Sambo Organization, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and the National Olympic Committee, we will live up to the trust placed in us," - said Alimov.

- Will sambo be included in the program of the 2028 Olympic Games? What steps have been taken in this regard?

- We are convinced of this after our recognition by the International Olympic Committee. We are going to do an exhibition at the Olympic Games in Paris. We are also cooperating with the United States on the development of sambo. We have famous sambo ambassadors. We are trying to enter into the program of the Olympic Games in agreement with the International Olympic Committee.

- What is the significance of this World Cup in the future?

- The IOC monitors how we conduct the competition. FIAS not only hosts competitions but also organizes other sporting events. We also laid the foundation for beach sambo. This group is becoming more and more popular.

Alamjon Mullaev: "Tashkent will host the Asian Youth Games. Today, sambo is one of the leaders in Asia in Uzbekistan. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, as well as the National Olympic Committee, support sambo in Uzbekistan," - said Alamjon Mullaev.

- Which countries of the Pan-Americas will take part in this championship?

- Despite the distance, the national teams of the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Costa Rica and the United States are participating in the World Championship in Uzbekistan. Coronavirus-related restrictions vary from country to country. In some countries, the halls do not even work. However, we must admit that the sport of sambo is also developing in Panama.

- Sambo is also developing in Africa. Cameroonian and Moroccan sambo wrestlers have been showing good results in recent years. They are the winners of the World Cup in different categories. Are you expecting such pleasant surprises this year as well?

Dalil Skalli, President of the African Sambo Confederation:

- First of all, I would like to thank the host Uzbekistan, the country's sambo association for the warm welcome. I am glad to be in such a hospitable country.

I would also like to say that our main goal now is to include sambo in the Olympic program. Much work is being done in this direction. Together with the FIAS leadership and the Continental Sambo Confederations, we will achieve our goal. Recognition of sport by the Olympics adds to the responsibility. In such a new status, national federations will also have the support of the country. Currently, about 35 countries are members of the African Sambo Confederation. Sambo is developing on the continent.

In the past, African teams competed for medals, but now they are fighting for medals. They are showing good results. They are really contenders for medals. I think in the coming years they will compete as the main contenders. The Africans are winning a lot of medals at the Olympics, so I hope they can do well in sambo. On behalf of Africa, thank you for your support.

- What are the plans of Uzbek sambo wrestlers for the championship? How many medals are expected to be won?

Alisher Alimov, Chairman of the Sambo Association of Uzbekistan: "Every association (federation) has a goal. Athletes, including the Uzbek sambo team, have been seriously preparing for this World Championship. In sambo, the senior national team of Uzbekistan took third place in the world rankings, and our youth took second place. We want to improve the results in the near future. The Ministry of State, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the National Olympic Committee have created the necessary conditions, and without exaggeration, more than necessary.

Our goal is to win as many medals as possible.

Press Service of the Sambo Association of Uzbekistan

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