AFC U17 Women's Asian Cup Qualifiers Official Draw to take place in AFC House

Seeding for the Draw shall be based on the rankings of AFC U-16 Women’s Championship Thailand 2019. The teams which did not participate in the 2019 edition have been added as the lowest-ranked teams (Iraq, Maldives, Syria and Turkmenistan).

Top-ranked teams Japan, DPR Korea, China PR will have a direct bye into the Final Competition and Teams Ranked 4 and below will participate in the Qualifiers.

Based on the thirty-two (32) Member Associations in the Qualifiers, there shall be eight groups of four teams in Qualifiers Round 1. 

Eight group winners shall qualify to the Qualifiers Round 2 (total 8 teams) as each group shall play a one-round league format in a centralised venue where each team in the group shall play one (1) match against every other team.

The Member Associations that have expressed their interest to host the Qualifiers will be drawn into separate groups.

Host of the Final Competition, to be determined at a later stage, will receive a direct qualification into the Finals. Host of the Final Competition may participate in the Qualifiers Round 1 for technical reasons but shall not participate in the Qualifiers Round 2.

The AFC U17 Women’s Asian Cup 2022 Qualifiers Round 1 shall be played from 7 to 11 April 2021.

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