Croatian striker of FC Lokomotiv wants to help the team to return to the Super League (interview)

The season has come to an end in Uzbekistan and the teams are developing plans to prepare for the new season. Also, leading players are leaving some clubs.

In addition, the teams are adding a number of players to their squads. In particular, Tashkent's FC Lokomotiv, which will start the new season in the Pro-League, added Croatian striker Sime Zuzul from the Singaporean club. 

Shohrukh Zoirov, a journalist on the site, decided to contact the player himself about this transfer. You can learn more about why Sime chose Uzbekistan and what he knows about our country's football through the following interview. 


- Good day, Sime! The first question is typical. Why did you choose Uzbekistan?

- Good day to you too! Agents in Croatia told me there was an offer from FC Lokomotiv. They gave me great advice about the league and the club. I have not always shied away from innovation. That's why I didn't think much about the offer. 

- What is your main purpose for visiting the club? 

- I want to help FC Lokomotiv to return to the main league. I want to score a lot of goals, of course. I will try my best to play my best game. 

- What did you know about Uzbekistan before coming here?

- Frankly, I didn't know much. Now I get to know football, nature, and people here. I hope to get used to this place soon.


-  Fewer players kick the ball in Uzbekistan than in Croatia. It would be safe to say almost no. Doesn't that make you uncomfortable?

- I need time to adapt. I think it will take as little time as possible. I am ready to make the club and its fans happy and I will give it my all. 

- Have there been any offers besides FC Lokomotiv?

- Yes, there were 2-3 offers. But I saw that there is a reliable project in this team. Naturally, I did not think much about the choice. 


- Which style of playing is easier for you?

- I prefer fast and vertical football. For example, I prefer a style similar to Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool.

- You like the game of one player and his name is...

- Mario Mandzukic. I loved watching him play. His actions in every game should be appreciated. Mario is my ideal striker.


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