FC Lokomotiv player: "If I stay at the club, I will stay only to play consistently, otherwise I will leave"

FC Lokomotiv has many talented players. One of them is Dilshod Komilov, this defender has become quite noticeable recently.

The 24-year-old played in 15 games of the "Railwaymen" in the Super League last year. Participated in 4 matches within the cup. But Komilov can continue the new season in another club. In an interview with Sports.uz, he talked about his fate on the team.  

- FC Lokomotiv's farewell to the Super League was a surprise for many. What do you see as the reason for this?

- This team is a secret, I can't say anything. More luck turned around. You must have seen, in the end, our game with FC Turon was not similar at all. There are many reasons. What we thought from the beginning of the season did not come true. Coaches kept changing. It also had an effect.

Dilshod Komelov3

- All the same, the team was dependent on themselves. Why didn't the FC Lokomotiv players' eyes "light up" in the match against FC Turon in the playoffs?

- The preparation was excellent. Everyone came to the field hoping to win. Maybe we didn't assess the opponent's strength well. We thought we would win easily, but it didn't happen. I also couldn't play then because of an injury.

- What will be your fate in "Lokomotiv"? Most players want to play in the Super League.

- I was saying that I will leave, but they are saying that they will take it away. Still the situation in this matter is 50\50. I'm waiting. I have a contract, but it is verbal. Both sides have agreed to leave if a better option comes out. I'm working here for now.

Dilshod Kommelov1

- Which clubs are interested in your play?

- They said FC Andijan is calling. FC Lokomotiv management knows better. There were a couple of offers from abroad, but they did not materialize. I didn't want it now either.

- If it's up to you, do you still want to play pro league or...

- I can play. I need to talk about it. I can't go without playing again. That's why I need to talk to whoever it is. I am waiting for the arrival of FC Lokomotiv head coach Mirko Jelicic. We have to discuss it with him. If he really wants to, I'll play. If I don't like his opinion, I'll leave. The people at the club also told me to talk to the coach. In the beginning, when I said that I would leave, they said that we would talk, but they did not say that we would take them.

Dilshod Kamelov

- Don't you agree that the unsuccessful season of 2022 may have a negative impact on your business?

- I played in the first round. The same happened at the beginning of the second period. I didn't play much after that. The injury also took its toll. I need a stable place to play. My intention is to leave later. If you play consistently, it will be easier for you to go abroad. Even if I stay at Lokomotiv, I will stay to play, otherwise, I won't stay. I need to clarify this issue.


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