FC Navbahor is in the process of strengthening the squad, will make more transfers yet

Due to the opening of the winter transfer season in Uzbekistan, selection always culminates at this time. Due to the demand for footballers, everyone offers what they like, they agree on prices, as if it is like a market!

Especially in December-January, the breeding season is in full swing. In this case, the players are waiting for offers from clubs in the Super League. That's why the pro league teams will start filling up their squads mainly in February.

Of course, the participants of the Super League have already started transferring. There are communities that are active in this area. After all, it is not good to "sleep" at this time. In particular, the selection carried out by the club Navbakhor attracts the attention of the general public. To tell the truth, this is exactly what was expected of the development of events. Because everyone knows that Samvel Babayan is at the forefront of such cases. After he was officially introduced as the head coach of FC Navbakhor, there are many people who expect to see a more courageous team in the new season, especially the fans of Namangan. Babayan knows everything. Therefore, it is not surprising that at the end of the season he began to work on the selection. His list includes the names of several players.


Where did he start? First of all, it started with keeping last year's lineup, especially the leaders. Contracts with Utkir Yusupov, Davron Khoshimov and Bojan Ciger have already been extended. Players who did not trust Babayan are looking for another team. It is natural that many people are also interested in Azim Akhmedov's case. The leader of FC Navbakhor has a number of interesting proposals. However, Samvel Vyacheslavovich persuaded him to stay in Namangan. It is true that the new contract has not been extended yet. However, by mutual agreement, Akhmedov agrees to continue his work at Navbahor this year as well. The contract will be extended soon.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. On December 12, Navbahor announced the transfer of Jovan Jokic. The Serbian legionnaire, who played for FC AGMK, was one of the first to reach an agreement with Namangan. Then we heard that some more performers moved to Navbahor. These are Stanislav Andreev, Islam Kenjabaev, Nurillio Tukhtasinov, Elguzha Grigalashvili and Jamshid Boltaboev. The only reason for the silence is that no official agreement has been signed yet. From January 1, the club began to announce that agreements have been reached on the exact names. "Navbahor" press service announced yesterday that a contract was signed with five players during the day.


That's not all. Negotiations are still ongoing. According to the information, we are partially hearing about the players who can join Navbakhor. However, in the selection process, not all the planned plans come true. For example, there are rumors that FC Sogdiana striker Shokhruz Norkhonov will continue his career in Namangan. However, according to the information we received, Norkhonov will not move to FC Navbakhor (unless the course of events changes).


But Babayan is trying to strengthen the team's offensive line. Negotiations have begun with a great striker. We have heard that there is interest in the services of the Serbian footballer, who is asking for a goal in another championship. If the sides reach an agreement, the goal-hungry striker can appear in FC Navbakhor.

The team members also managed to hold the first meeting. From December 20 to 28, they practiced in Namangan. It was mainly attended by players from last year. On January 5, the players will gather in Tashkent and the next day will leave for Antalya, Turkey. They also agreed to hold a number of control matches. Apparently, Babayan is doing everything right. In other words, he adds the players he wants to the squad. So far, contracts have been signed with 6 new players. This is half of the main content. Of course, there are players to join. However, as a large part of the composition has been identified, it is now time to form a team game in Turkey and work on the shortcomings. Naturally, the new players will learn the style of the head coach in training in Antalya. That's why Samvel Babayan started the selection early and tried to persuade the players. However, as mentioned above, the selection of "Navbahor" is not over yet and you will soon hear new transfers ...


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