Gennady Kochnev: it is very difficult to fight with FC Andijan on equal terms"

After the match FC Andijan - FC Gijduvan (2:1) the head coach of the guests Gennady Kochnev took part in a press conference.

- Your first thoughts about the game?

- We prepared well for this game, knowing that Andijan is strong. Corner kicks, standard situations, for which we prepared quite well. You see, the first goal was caused by a gross mistake of our defender and goalkeeper. We also analyzed the second goal in the locker room. We missed the ball because we lost our balance in the penalty area. It was painful, of course. Because, having created a situation, we found ourselves in a difficult situation for ourselves. Congratulations to Andijan on the victory. Because it seems that this is a strong team. It is much more difficult to act on equal terms with this team. We tried to earn points by fighting and working hard here. Unfortunately, the match ended in favor of Andijan.

- We saw that Gijduvan is a good team. But defeat is always defeat. What was missing from the team?

- There is a lot to say about this. Andijan is a strong team. Our shortcomings in ball control have been noticed. The result would have been different when we took control of the ball and the guys fully followed the instructions in training. I repeat once again: the opponent's strengths played a big role here. Some players didn't show the game I expected. The leadership of Andijan also opposed this. In any case, the strength of the hosts was known.

- Legionnaire Song Longji has left Gijduvan. What happened? Is it a big loss?

- He played in the first round, I didn't see him. When I talked to the guys, they said he had an injury. He was a striker. The players say his departure was a loss for the team. But we got two players in Bukhara, Firdavs Asadov and Bobur Omonov. I think we have added experienced players to our ranks. I can't comment on it because I haven't seen the song.

- What is the goal of the team?

- Keep your place in the League. Therefore, we will fight for points in every meeting. We came here to earn points. We know that” Andijan is a strong team. That's why we worked hard and tried to score goals in counterattacks. Only we didn't have the opportunity to control the ball in the center.


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