Igor Shkvirin believes that
The debutant of the Super League - "Turon" in exchange for a series of defeats makes it difficult to survive in the elite. The championship will end after five more rounds. Will Turan be able to stay in the Super League during these games? Head coach Igor Shkvirin is currently struggling with that.
Sports.uz talked to the coach of "Turon" about the fate of his team. In fact, in a recent interview with our correspondent, the head coach of the club "Sheriff" Yuri Vernidub said that he remembers Shkvirin well. Therefore, we first approached Igor Anatolyevich with questions about this.
- Igor Anatolyevich, I interviewed Yuri Vernidub after the Sheriff's sensational victory over Real. He also said that he knew you well during the conversation. What memories do you have?
- I remember Yurani well. I first met him in 1988. At that time we played in the team of substitutes. Yuri Nikolayevich was a very talented player. As a coach, he is still impressed. It is safe to say that he looks the same as a coach in the past. In the Jurassic, inner feelings were always high. He also knows how to play his disciples. "Sheriff" is playing the same way as the coach. In most cases, Yuri behaves emotionally. In this case, the team will start to play in the same way. "Sheriff" really made a big splash in the Champions League. The club managed to beat Shakhtyor and then Real Madrid. Figuratively speaking, it is in these games that Vernidub's players were able to achieve the desired result, even if it was difficult. The preparation of the team's players for the game was also remarkable. As a coach, so do his students. It would be foolish to compare Real Madrid and Sheriff. The composition of the Madrid's is full of stars, which, in turn, has a very high overall value. The Sheriff is no exception. However, the players were able to record an unprecedented result, following the instructions of the coach. Yuri Nikolaevich is a completely different person. It retains the qualities of a former Allied man. That's why he seems to be able to convey to his inner feelings and what he wants from the players. I don't know how he did it, because I wasn't there. I congratulate them on their victories, which they have continued to bite in the same spirit. I must say that it would not be bad if the people of Tiraspol learned from BATE. After BATE scored 100% in the first two games, the group surprised everyone by destroying the stage. I want the Sheriff to leave the group and play in the playoffs.
- Do you still have contact with Yuri Vernidub?
- Yes, there is a connection. But we communicate with each other not on the phone, but on the Internet. About 5-6 years have passed since we last saw each other face to face. This meeting took place in Turkey. At that time, the club "Krasnodar" began to train.
- Speaking of Turan, when you started working at this club, the team did not lose in five games. But in the last six games, the club is just missing an opportunity ... What happened to "Turon"?
- Nothing happened. First of all, we played and won against teams that were much better than us in the level. In fact, they have not been in the lead for a few days. There are still five games to go. Everything can change at once. The difference between "Surkhon" and "Andijan", which are ahead of us, is five points. However, I do not see any reason to panic. If there is haste, things will go backward. In order to get out of the situation, you need to work hard. I would like to take this opportunity to call everyone to peace. The relationship between us and the leadership is good. First of all, I urge the players under my control not to panic. If we look at our situation in the tournament schedule, the situation is likely to look very bad for us. But if we play well in the next five games, everything will change. You know, the saying that hope dies in the end has always been proven in football. Hope should never be extinguished. In football, such things as love, trust and hope have become important. If these three qualities are combined, everything will change.
- Can't the players invited to the club during the summer selection live up to your expectations?
- Let's not dwell on the issue of selection. If we start arguing again, it will ruin the internal environment and there will be more rumors. The players are trying to justify our confidence, even if it is not 100%. For example, Murtazaev and Abduraimov. They try to follow the instructions when they come on the field. After the match against Pakhtakor, the head coach of the rival team Peter Huistra said that it was not easy to win, saying that my students played well. The main problem we have is that we can create dangerous situations during the games, but for some reason, we are not successful in using them effectively. The fact that we are not able to take advantage of the situation we have today is a lesson. If you remember, in the last match against "Kyzylkum" we took advantage of two situations created in the first half of the game, and the result was completely different. Unfortunately, our footballers are not lucky. However, we hope that Toshpulatov and other forwards will be able to show themselves in the last matches.
- The situation is difficult. There are five rounds left. How much do you believe that the team will survive in the elite?
- I have almost answered your question above. I would like to add that recently "Turon" has arrived on social networks, "Turon says goodbye to the elite!" There has been a lot of talk about it. I would like those who made such sarcastic comments at the end of the season to be ashamed of their claims, seeing that we have survived in the elite. For my part, I would like to say the following to those who have expressed such thoughts: “Well, guys, you managed to say goodbye to us five rounds ago. What happened now? ” I repeat: the next five rounds will be a very serious test. Kurash will fight accordingly, and in order to stay in the ranks of the strong, there will be not four, but five clubs. As you know, "Metallurg" is in a difficult situation. I would love to prove that pessimistic people are wrong. Because I am optimistic. If we have a chance, we will try to fight to the end. I would like to emphasize that the management of the club is doing its job well, there are no problems with salaries.
- If we look at Turon's opponents in the next round, only "Bunyodkor" can be a serious opponent for you in the upcoming games. Do you agree?
- If I did not misunderstand you, you mean the most serious "Bunyodkor" in the upcoming matches, don't you think? .. On the one hand, you are right. Because "Bunyodkor" is fighting for a place in the top three. But I would not say that the competitions against the other rivals will be the same. Because we are competing with our opponents in the same situation. If we host "Andijan" and "Surkhan" at home games, we will play the other two matches away.
- “Andijan” defeated “Pakhtakor” and “Surkhon” defeated “Navbahor”. Now these teams are five points ahead of Turon. Are you surprised by such sensational results?
- It is true that this was an unexpected result for all of us. The fact that we won "Sogdiana" at home was also accepted as an unexpected result. Such contingencies will continue until the last round. Our task is to win every game. Let's wait for the end of the season, then we can talk about who is good and who is bad. All you have to do is wait patiently.
- Does Firdavs Chakalov not live up to your expectations? Didn't goalkeeper Nizomiddin Ziyovutdinov disappoint you?
- Let me start by answering the second part of your question. We have two goalkeepers with almost equal strength: Ziyovutdinov and Ortikov. I am not in favor of sending the goalkeeper, who guarded the gate at the end of the game, to the next match. I like to take the goalkeepers in turn. On top of that, we come to a decision when we are out of the situation and pay attention to who is playing what game. At such a stage, the goalkeepers consult with the coach and decide who should be fielded. As for Chakalov, at the moment he is not able to make a good impression on us coaches. He is not stronger than Abdurashidov. For this reason, Abdurashidov often enters the field.
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