Ikboljon Kholdorov has an offer from a reputable promotion company ... What decision did he make?

 There are many rumors about Iqboljon Kholdorov, who has become one of the brightest stars in Uzbek amateur boxing. That is, there is a lot of talks that he will stop his career in the amateurs, focus all his attention on professional boxing, and reach an agreement with a reputable promotion company in this regard. We tried to find out his future plans while clarifying how true this information is ...

- Of course, my future plans are to defend the honor of our country and make Uzbek boxing fans happy. ... Yes, I intended to start my career in professional boxing. There are offers from reputable promotional companies. In particular, I can mention the Russian "Patriot" and "Mir Boxing", which at the same time has a contract with many Uzbek boxers. Currently, these studies have been postponed due to the introduction of quarantine due to coronavirus. Luckily, if all goes well, we’ll go to the United States and talk about a deal. But that doesn’t mean I’m completely out of the amateur. We will try to formalize the agreement in such a way that we can fight in both directions.

Ikboljon Kholdorov is the vice-champion of the 2017 World Cup, the 2017 champion of the Asian Championship in Tashkent, the winner of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. He achieved these successes in the weight category of 64 kg.

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