Is it true that Shomurodov plays in the same league with Messi? reports that "Roma " and "Monaco", playing in the top division of the French championship, have announced their interest in the striker of the national team of Uzbekistan Eldor Shomurodov.

According to this website, the French want to strengthen the attacking line during winter transfers, and Shomurodov entered the shortlist of the "Monaco" management. They say that this team plans to rent our legionnaire in January with the right of redemption later.

Also the website writes that "Roma" may abandon Shomurodov in order to strengthen other positions.

It should be noted that the Russian and Italian media, which widely cover the activities of Eldor Shomurodov, have not yet reported Monaco's interest in the Uzbek footballer.

Earlier, many European publications reported interest in Eldar Shomurodov from the representative of the Spanish La Liga “Sevilla”.

Shomurodov played against Cristiano Ronaldo, who defended the honor of Juventus in the Italian championship. If the Monaco option turns out to be correct, and our compatriot gets it, he will have to compete with Lionel Messi in the French championship.

Time will tell the rest...

Mourinho is a buyer for the Player He Broke

During the period when Jose Mourinho managed "Tottenham", he could not agree with Tangi Ndombele, the owner of the most expensive transfer in the history of this club.

The Londoners bought the French midfielder in 2019 from "Lyon" for 60 million euros. The Portuguese specialist missed a valuable player due to disagreements.

While relations improved later, Tangi Ndombele was not able to play at the same level. Antonio Conte, who has been coaching "Tottenham" since Mourinho, is also unsure about the French player.

Ndombele has only appeared on the field nine times this season. Interestingly, the buyer for him is "Roma", which is headed by Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho hopes that Ndombele will strengthen the game of the Club of "Rome" in the center of the field.

The midfielder, who currently remains out of "Tottenham"'s main squad, could end up in the hands of the Romans, whose price doubles to about 30 million euros.

Also on Mourinho's list, who plans to organize a midfield, Boubacar Camara from "Marseille" and Florian Grillich from Hoffenheim. But it will not be easy to get these players who will become free agents in the summer. Because they are in demand in other clubs besides ”Rome".

"Fiorentina" needs a Roma defender

The management of "Fiorentina", in addition to the forward of "Roma" Borja Mayoral, also shows interest in the talented defender Marash Kumbulla.

The 21-year-old Albanian defender cannot always fit into the Roman squad. Jose Mourinho rarely adds him to the game.

"Fiorentina" took advantage of this situation to call Marash into their ranks. Marash Kumbulla was actually an invitation from several Serie A clubs. However, this defender clashed with the sporting director of "Roma" Thiago Pinto, who announced that he would fight to stay in the team and join the main squad.

The player sent to Milan is not going to return to Rome

Alessandro Florenzi, who was loaned to Milan by the Roma management, is not going to return.

The right-back with a contract with the Romans, which will last until mid-2023, is trying to stay in Milan. The 30-year-old hopes that representatives of the Milan club will buy his transfer rights from Roma at the end of the season.

Florenzi's relationship with Milan's coaching staff and players is very good. As part of the team, he played 12 matches in Serie A, and also scored one goal. He also made four appearances in the European Champions League.

His loan agreement with "Milan" expires at the end of the season.


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