Foreign experts have expressed their views on who will be the real star of professional boxing in the super-welterweight category (69.8 kg) in the near future. In particular, the chairman of the promotion company Eye of the Tiger Management, Camille Estephan, emphasizes that his clients - Sadriddin Akhmedov and Ognanesyan from Russia - have achieved high results in this weight category.

It is known that in this division Israil Madrimov is recognized by many experts as a future world champion.

ESPN's Steve Kim says the Uzbek fighter needs to pay attention to certain aspects in order to be a leader in his weight class.

“When Madrimov keeps it more basic, he's really good. I get the sense he's so eager to be multi-dimensional to his detriment. I really like his talent, regardless, just needs more seasoning,” wrote Steve Kim on his twitter page.


Camille Estephan, chairman of the promotion company Eye of the Tiger Management, responded to Steve Kim's comments by saying that two other boxers from the former Soviet Union were ready to fight for higher goals in this weight class and that Madrimov should pay attention to them as well.

“Steve, I can’t wait for you to see Sadriddin Akhmedov or Artem Ognanesyan live, they are the future in this division,” wrote Camille Estephan.

Israil Madrimov is currently ranked 1st in the world in his weight class in WBA, above Sadriddin Akhmedov and Artem Ognanesyan. Despite the fact that the boxer from Khiva recently underwent surgery for a serious injury, he returned to the ring on April 3rd in Tashkent. Emmany Kalombo, who knocked out all opponents in 14 fights, lost by ten points in a ten-round clash.

Another boxing writer of Saturday Night Boxing Adam Abramowitz also emphasized Madrimov’s performance.

 “I saw incremental progress from Madrimov today. Conditioning much better and He didn’t over-move as much. Good development fight for him,” mentioned Abramowitz.

Overall, Israil Madrimov has won five of his seven victories with early stoppage. It should be noted that all of Israil's opponents were highly rated boxers with extensive experience in the professional ring.

Sadriddin Akhmedov, who has been fighting professionally for three years, has won all 12 bouts and knocked out his opponents ten times.

sadriddin 2

Sadriddin defeated Stephen Dayno of the Netherlands on points in a fight in Mexico on January 29 to win the WBA, NABF and WBC regional belts. Akhmedov is ranked 36th in the world by Boxrec.

Russia's Artem Ognanesyan also defeated his opponents in all 12 matches with 10 of them by KO. In return for these victories, he rose to 40th place in the world in the weight category in Boxrec.

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