Jahongir Zokirov:

This year’s national amateur boxing championship was rich in very intense fights.  We have also witnessed the amazing efforts of talented young fighters.  For example, Login Petrov, Alokhon Abdullaev, Shakhzod Muzaffarov, Ibrahim Ishchanov, Jahongir Zokirov, who took part in the championship of Uzbekistan among seniors for the first time, left a warm impression on fans and experts.  Jahongir Zokirov, the son of Lazizbek Zokirov from Jizzakh, who achieved great results in his time, won a silver medal in  heavyweight category and showed everyone that he has a bright future.

We contacted this young talent and asked a few questions.

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Jahongir Zokirov

 He was born on May 17, 2003 in Jizzakh district of Jizzakh region.  He has been boxing since he was 9 years old.  Coaches: Khamid Tangriberganov and his father Lazizbek Zokirov.  He is a five-time champion of Uzbekistan among juniors and youth, and Asian champion among youth.  Silver medalist of this year's championship of Uzbekistan among adults.


- Congratulations on your successful participation in the first championship among adults!

 - Thank you.  I was very happy.

- Why didn't you go to the ring in the final fight?  Maybe you could have won a gold medal?

 - I really wanted to.  But my father didn’t want that.

 -Maybe he said why?

 -I was injured. That was the main reason.

- Your opponent in the final was an experienced Laziz Mullajonov.  How would you rate your chances of fighting him?

 - I tried not to lose.

 - In the semifinals you defeated a very strong Jamshid Khudoiberganov.  However, before the fight, his chances were overestimated ...?

 - I understand what you mean. My coach Khamid Tangriberganov was able to convince me to win and I won thanks to the right instructions.

 - Considering that you are the son of Lazizbek Zokirov, who achieved great results in his time, there are those who are compared by your fans and experts to your father and your fighting style?

 - No, it's not.  My dad was fast and won by points.  I, on the other hand, prefer an offensive and power punches.

- Before the competitions among adults, you were a five-time champion among juniors and youth.  Who has created serious competition for you along the way?

- So far, there is no such boxer.


- In your weight category, Bakhodir Jalolov is undoubtedly the number one.  But he will most likely continue his career in professional boxing after the Tokyo Olympics.  I mean, then how would you rate your chances of being number one?

 -I'll try that.

- Who do you consider your main competitor on this road?

- Lazizbek Mullajonov.

- Thank you for taking the time for us and we wish you good luck in your future endeavors!

 - Of course, I am grateful for the attention and we will try to defend the honor of Uzbekistan with victories in the international arenas!


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