Meet the top scorers of Pakhtakor in the final!

The press service of Pakhtakor has published the list of the team's scorers in the Champions League.

Before the start of the Champions League season 2023/24, let's get acquainted with the top scorers of the "Lions" in this match.

So far, Zainiddin Tajiyev has become the author of the largest number of goals in the Tashkent team at this tournament - 13. And Igor Sergeev has 12 goals on his account. Anvar Soliev has 9 goals, Server Dzheparov has 8, and Leonid Koshelev, Adil Akhmedov and Dragan Cheran have 7 each. Below is a list of players who scored 3 or more goals for Pakhtakor in this tournament.

13-Zainiddin Tajiyev
12-Igor Sergeev
9-Anvar Soliev
8-Djeparov Server
7-Leonid Koshelev, Odil Akhmedov, Dragan Cheran
5-Alexander Heinrich
4-Temurkhoja Abdukhalikov, Marat Bikmaev, Sherzod Karimov, Zhaloliddin Masharipov
3-Dilshod Sharafutdinov, Stanislav Andreev, Gochguli Gochguliyev, Kakhi Makharadze, Eren Derdiyok.


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