"Pakhtakor" ex-legionary Oliver Sarkic: My departure - Shatskix's decision, if there is another offer from the Super League... (interview)

At the beginning of the season, "Pakhtakor" added legionnaire Oliver Sarkic to its ranks. But he left the team between rounds. The SPORTS.uz site contacted the player and was interested in his opinion on this and other topics.

- We know, you played football mainly in Europe. Asia was a new chance for you. Why did you choose "Pakhtakor"?

- "Pakhtakor" offered me a good contract. I am pleased from their offer. In addition, there was an opportunity to play in the AFC champions league.


- Your position is an attacking midfielder and forward. But coaches didn't give you an opportunity in this position. What can say about that?

-  Well, I played my last 4 games as a striker, 3 in the league and the friendly against "Nasaf''. I scored 5 goals, I can play many positions.

- When you first came to Tashkent, what was your ambitions?

- My ambitions were to win the trophies with the club. My main goal was this. I knew that club won the Superliga last year. For this reason I wanted to defeat the winners' title.

- What do you think about Uzbek football? What are the good and bad sides as you first look?

- Uzbekistan has a lot of talented players. Youth players' football is developing well. I would like to acknowledge this separately. If I tell you about bad sides, there are not many fans at stadiums. Teams need more fans and support. But I do not want to say there are no fans.


- Who or what was the cause that you left "Pakhtakor"? Or were there any other problems?

- It was the decision of the coach. I do not know other reasons. They said to me Shatskix wanted this. But there is no problem with him and Vojneski.

- What is your plans now? If any other Superliga clubs give you an offer, will you receive it?‌‌

-  If I get an interesting offer I would come back and play again in Superliga for sure. I still have very good friends there as well.


Interview by Shohrux Zoirov.


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