"Sevilla" defeated "Roma" in the final and won the Europa League for the 7th time

The final match of the European League was won between "Sevilla" and "Roma". The Spanish club won in the penalty shootout.

Initially, Dybala opened the scoring in the 34th minute, and Mancini scored in the 55th minute and the chances were equalized. No further goals were scored for the remainder of the match and a penalty shoot-out was resorted to.

In conclusion, in the final "Sevilla" defeated "Roma" and became the winner of the tournament for the 7th time.

  • Европа Лигаси Финал бочқичи
  • Финал


  • Джанлука Манчини 55' (автогол)
1 : 1

01.06.2023 00:00


  • Пауло Дибала 35'


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