Shavkat Mullajonov: "I still have a lot to learn as a coach, this is an opportunity for me"

FC Olympia participated in the first league participated in the group stage of the Cup of Uzbekistan. The last match in "F" group was played in Fergana against FC Andijan lost with a wide score of 6:0.

After the meeting, the head coach of FC Olympia Shavkat Mullajonov answered questions.

- First of all, I congratulate the FC Andijan team on the victory. As for the game, I think that our prepared tactics have passed. We lost in standard situations only because our players were young. We scored a lot of goals. We also lost in aerial battles. I agree with my guys, I liked the game. They showed me what I said.

FC Olympia and FC Navbahor matches did not record such a big score in the cup matches. What do you think is the main reason for today's big defeat against FC Andijan?

- Our preparation is different. We played before that. Our team has many losses. A different team played in the match with FC Navbahor. I have already said that half of our players have gone to the national team. We are working with existing players. We give everyone a chance. Our goal is to deliver players. As for the result, as I said just now, we lost the battle in the air. We passed our goals by standards. In the rest of the situations, what we said happened. We have a match against Nurafshon ahead of us. Before this match, in this match, the players played in the tactics we mentioned. I am satisfied. Although I am not satisfied with the result, we have talented 15-16-year-olds and a couple of older ones, 18-19-year-olds. We mainly have players born in 2006 and 2007. I'm basically just teaching them how to play soccer. After learning how to play football, the result is unbelievable.


- You played in FC Andijan, and through this team, you entered big football. How would you rate your former club's potential in the Super League?

- FC Andijan is playing a very organized game. I looked at their games. The coach's hand is visible everywhere. Especially in standard situations. Even if we tried a thousand times against this, they could not help. But he likes the game of FC Andijan.

- From the beginning of the match, we saw that you dropped 4 attackers. What kind of tactics are you looking for?

- No, I did not drop 4 attackers. 3 strikers and one attacking player played behind them. Our goal for this meeting was to close the middle and open the wings. We tried to cover the middle today because a lot of their attacks are from the center. Anyway, it is felt in the matter of power. Because there are rival Super League teams and foreign players. However, they cannot give 100% of what we say. Everyone's strength is different. Since these are growing young people, we are trying to bring them to the level we want.


- What can you say to the fans of FC Andijan?

- FC Andijan fans are happy as always. I think in the first place.

- FC Olympia is participating in the first league. What is the task of the team and what are your plans as a coach?

- The goal of FC Olympia is to bring players from FC Odil Junior and educate them worthy of the national team and clubs of Uzbekistan. As for myself, I still have a lot of work to do if I took over this team in the winter. I'm still learning. I have a lot to learn as a coach. This is my chance. I think it's good for raising children and learning for myself. What we play as footballers is something else. Coaching is different. These are two different things.


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