Shukhrat Maksudov: today the

The head coach of the guests, Shukhrat Maksudov, shared his impressions after the semi–final match of the Coca Cola Pakhtakor - Bunyodkor Uzbekistan Cup.

- I have no complaints about the players. Now in the locker room I thanked the guys for the game and encouraged them. "Pakhtakor" is a strong team, which includes players who are candidates for the national team, today there was a sense of ”class". The situation that calms me now is that we lost to the champion team. As I said, my players did well. A penalty shootout is a lottery. We lost in this lottery. Congratulations”Pakhtakor " with a ticket to the final!

I didn't talk about referees at all during the season. That's why I stick to this tradition. There is a committee that controls them. If my opinion is very necessary, I will say: I have no objection to arbitration in today's game. Akobirkhuzha Shukurillaev is a good person and I wish him good luck!

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