Siavash Haghnazari: The biggest difference between Uzbek and Iranian football is the audience, every match is as important for us as the final match, "Pakhtakor" and "Nasaf" will show a very interesting game (interview)

AGMK is doing as well this season as last season. That's true that the team is most likely out of the competition for the championship. However, Mirjalal Kasimov's players who reached the semi-finals in the Cup still have a theoretical chance.

The site contacted the team leader Siavash Haghnazari and was interested in his opinion about his main goals for this season and other topics.

- Hello, Cia. How can you feel yourself in Uzbekistan?

- Thank Godnes! I am fine. I am kind of adopted here and feeling good in Uzbekistan!


- What do you think about Uzbek football?

- About Uzbekistan football I knew some clubs before coming to Uzbekistan. We played against uzbek clubs a lot of times and they were strong teams but about championat honestly, it is more harder than I thought before. I think it is growing now and will be more strong in future soon!

- What kind of differences did you see between Iran and Uzbek football?

- About the difference between Iran and Uzbekistan championat, I think the most different is Iran have much more fans in social media or stadium. Because of these make more challenging and little bit harder. But now in Uzbekistan have more stable situations and better organizations. So, Uzbekistan's championat going right way more than Iran.

- What is the main goal for AGMK and you?

- Our main goal is at least be in 3 top of teams. For sure, we have very good team but we lost some unlucky games. We still believe ourselves. In football, nothing have a guarantee and everything is possible. So from now, all games for us like final game and we need to get maximum points.


- Which club will be champion at Superliga this season? What can you say?

- We can not say now which team will be champion. Because as i told you in football everything is possible and not guarantee for non that will be champion, for sure.

- Who is the strongest team you have ever played against in Uzbekistan?

- All teams really showed good games. But for me, some team like "Pakhtakor" and "Nasaf" played really interesting games. I think, they may be the strongest teams in there.

- In the World Cup, what result are you waiting from your country's team?

- We changed the coach now. Carlos Queiroz again came. I think, all people and players got more motivation according last world cup with Queiroz. In my mind, we have enough potential to get good results.


Interview by Shohrux Zoirov.


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