Sogdiana is in serious aim to stand its position or how Norkhonov is going to top in the scorer's list

In the 21st round of the Super League, Sogdiyona agreed to a goalless draw at Andijan. However, the Jizzakh team has a striker Shokhruz Norkhonov. But he also failed to help the team this time.

Since the beginning of the season, Norkhonov has been playing for Sogdiana in the starting lineup. However, in recent times, the effectiveness of scoring has decreased. For example, in the first round he scored 7 goals, in the second round he has scored only 2 goals. At the same time, Shokhruz is participating in the Super League top scorers' race with 9 goals.

After the match against "Andijan" journalist met with Norkhonov and received answers to several questions.

- Do you think that the draw between "Andijan" and "Sogdiana" coincided with the match?

- In my opinion, the match was worth a draw. "Andijan" played for victory at home match. They needed three points. Because the team is trying to stay in the Super League. In turn, three points were important for us, as we were aiming for the top positions. In short, both clubs needed victories. I think the result was fair.

-It seemed a little boring for us to watch the game. Do you agree?

- No, I don't think the game was boring. I would say that the match was interesting. In the first half, our team had good attacks. We just couldn't take advantage of the situation. In the second half, we could not turn the opportunities we created into goals. That's why we could have won this game. I think we have more situations than Andijan. Yes, the home team also wants to score points. But they scored one point in the competition with us, for which I congratulate them. I wish good luck in the next games.

- "Sogdiana" is in second place and has a chance to win a silver medal. The season is coming to an end ...

- There are five rounds until the end of the championship. Every match is a final for us. With this in mind, we try to get the required points in each round we play. Naturally, we will not give up till the end. Time will show which teams gain good positions.

- The competition between the top scorers is also intense. You have 9 goals. Cheran, Norchaev and Abdukholiqov are over from you. But lately, your scoring efficiency has decreased. What does this have to do with anything?

- I think the attitude of other teams to Sogdiana has changed. I want to say that we have a lot of talented and experienced players. For example, Jasur Khasanov, Jamshid Boltaboev ... Therefore, I think that other teams are better defended. That is, the rivals are closing our pluses. Of course, we are constantly working on this. But because of our position, other clubs respect us.


- But why did your goals decrease?

- It's all my fault. Situations are splitting. Here, in the match with "Andijan", I did not take the opportunity. The ball did not want me to enter the goal. I think now is the time for me. That's why I don't score many goals.

- How many goals do you plan to score?

- The more, the better. But I can't say how many goals I score.

- The difference between you and Dragan Cheran, who is leading in the list of top scorers, is not so unchangeable ...

-Yes, that's right. I will try to do my best till the end.

- Can you pass Cheran?

- I don't know, time will show. But as I said now, I will try to score more goals and pass them.

- What bonuses are promised if Sogdiana wins a ticket to the Asian Champions League? Because the team is close to making history for itself.

- If we take second place, there will be bonuses. I don't know about it now, we will know in the end. Of course, there are bonuses. But we are not thinking about it now. We are struggling to win our games.


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