The best legionnaire of FC Turon is not mind to return to the Uzbek clubs

Leaving the Super League as soon as the debut season, FC Turon will have to start all over again. Accordingly, the squad is re-formed. Because a large part of last year's main lineup will change.

If you remember, the club took full advantage of the limit of legionnaires. But now they have also left the team. Of course, due to the moving of FC Turon down from the Super League, it is unlikely that the views of fans on the players and, in particular, foreign players will be positive. But in fact, they were not at a bad level.

In particular, the Serbian defender Dejan Ponjevic can be singled out. He also joined the team during the winter training camp last year. As you know, the Serbian defender Dejan Ponjevic spent the 2021 season in the FC Turon.

If we look at the statistics of the player, he played in 25 matches in the Super League. This shows that he is one of the leaders in the team. In fact, he even managed to score a goal once. We remember that in the 3rd round of the championship he scored a goal in the match between FC Turon and FC Lokomotiv (2: 2). Interestingly, Dejan played all the games from start to finish without a pause. In addition, he performed in 3 matches in the Cup of Uzbekistan, in which he played all the matches.


Apparently, the player made a good impression. In any case, in the competitions we watched, Ponjevic showed a good level of play. The Serbian legionnaire recalled his time at FC Turan:

"The club made a very good impression on me. To be honest, it's a pity that we were relegated to the lower leagues, and I'm sorry about that. However, I believe that FC Turon will soon return to the Super League. Because this club and the people who run it deserve it,” Deyan said.


However, if any team fails, it will be misunderstood somewhere. FC Turon was an outsider during the year and could not get rid of it. Later, there were rumors that the atmosphere in the club was not good. Dejan, for his part, also commented on the failure.

"The atmosphere in the team was very good. But we played very badly in some matches. From a sports point of view, we were not happy. So, unfortunately, we were relegated to the pro league."

What will Ponjevic, one of the FC Turon's key players, do now? Of course, it is known that he left the Yaypan team. Because the contract in the middle has lost its force. Therefore, it is natural for the Serbian player to look for another club for the new season. Dejan also told us about his next plan.


"My main regime now is to consider all the options in the next 10-15 days. I have offers from two clubs in Uzbekistan. I also have a number of options from Serbia. So I want to consider all of them and I will make the final decision."

It was natural for him to receive offers from the teams of our Super League because he played in FC Turan. Will he return to the championship of Uzbekistan?

"My return to Uzbekistan is being considered now. In general, I do not mind returning there. To be honest, the Uzbek championship is high quality and strong enough."


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