The representative of the national team of Uzbekistan in bullet shooting rose to the podium in Germany

It is gratifying to note that the domestic athlete won a medal for the first time at competitions of this level.

The award was awarded to Muhammad Kamolov in the pistol shooting program at a distance of 10 meters. 70 athletes competed at the qualifying stage. Among the 8 snipers who won a ticket to the finals, in addition to Muhammad Kamalov, another representative of the Uzbek national team, Veniamin Nikitin, fought for medals.


Youth Shooting World Cup. Guys, 10 meters, a gun:

1. Shiva Narwhal (India)

2. Sarabjit Singh (India)

3. Muhammad Kamolov (Uzbekistan)...

8. Veniamin Nikitin (Uzbekistan).


According to the Shooting Sports Federation of Uzbekistan, this is the first medal won by young snipers at the World Cup stages. Before that, domestic athletes climbed to the podium of the World Cup among adults 2 times (1999 and 2008).

516 athletes from 50 countries of the world take part in competitions in Zula. Today, representatives of the Uzbek national team will compete for medals in a number of programs.


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