The Uzbekistan U-20 national team will compete against Israel in a white uniform. The chief judge of the meeting is a representative of the host state!

The youth national team of Uzbekistan will play in the final of the U-20 World Cup against Israel. At the meeting, our players are in full white uniform, and our goalkeeper is in orange uniform.

The main referee of this match is Falcon Yael (Argentina). He is assisted on the wings by his compatriots Del Esso Maximiliano and Rodriguez Facundo. 4-and the duty of the official judge was transferred to Lopez Castellanos (Guatemala).

Recall that the match will start tonight at 02:00.

  • Чемпионат Мира-U20. Финальный этап
  • 1/8 финал

Узбекистан (до20)

0 : 1

31.05.2023 02:00

Израиль U20

  • Anan Khalaili 90'


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