"This is a big success for us" - Angel Lopez about Bakhtiyor Kasimov's departure to Qatar, his plans for Surkhan and how the team is organizing the game

The Surkhon team of Termiz continues its summer training. You are aware that some squad changes are in action now.

Midfielder Bakhtiyor Kasimov went to Qatar as Spanish legionnaires joined the team. The head coach of the club, Angel Lopez, gave an interview to the Sports.uz site about this and other issues.

- First of all, how did you react to Bakhtiyor Kasimov leaving for the Qatar club?

- I am very happy for him. I can say that this signed contract is a great success for us. The player signed this contract through his matches in FC Surkhon. That is, I can say that it was due to his excellent performances in our team. In fact, he was relegated to the lower division with FC Andijan last season. My task at FC Surkhon is to rediscover the players, to raise their value again. At the same time, we should not have a negative impact on the club's financial situation.

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- What do you think, is his leaving a serious loss for FC Surkhon? How do you replace him?

- Of course, we will miss him. The place is known. However, we will try to strengthen as a team and sign some players that we need.

- How is your team's preparation for the second round going? Are you satisfied as a head coach?

- We are working hard. I am very optimistic about my future. There were a number of problems at the beginning. Because I arrived in the middle of the preparation process for the new season. This presented some difficulties in starting the project. But now I feel really good. I feel that I am building the team under my own ideas. I hope we can continue to move forward.

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- Who are the new players invited to the club and are there any players who are reaching an agreement?

- We tried to sign a contract with a number of players. But it was not possible because of their contracts with their clubs. But we managed to bring two strikers from Spain. I hope to play better-attacking football with them.

- Are you happy in FC Surkhon? Are the plans you have in mind here coming to fruition?

- I am happy and very happy. Because I am working independently. The club management respects my ideas. I am completely sure that I and everyone around me is going in the right direction to his goal. I am continuing to work with FC Surkhan in the state of implementing my ideas. Sometimes I have to defend my ideas and fight for them. Our goal is to create the best club. We continue to work on this.


- When you came to FC Surkhon, you managed to change the team's game. Your signature is visible on this. Tell me, what would you change first in the players?

- We must be open. But at the same time, we have to keep our ambitions. We need to always be able to show our desire on the field. It is important that we can show our desire to win, and our plans, our goals on the pitch. If we want to achieve different goals, we should try using different methods. I want to see an aggressive team on the field, high pressing, good football and especially a team that can play even better in the opponent's half. Of course, as a team, I focused on forming my players and team.

- Whose work style do you like among Uzbek coaches?

- I respect everyone. As in all countries, there are different styles of coaches. The most important thing is that we should all join Uzbek football together. Whether we are working here or not, we should contribute to the development of Uzbek football as much as possible and do our best to do so.  


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