Tokyo 2020: Upsets in boxing competitions

Tokyo is currently hosting the Olympics, the most prestigious tournament in four years. Of course, the strongest will take part in the Olympic Games. However, the main contenders for a relative victory will also be recognized at the beginning of the tournament.

Prior to the Olympics, most of the boxing champions were from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

However, any situation can be observed in boxing. That is, sensations are very common. This Olympics was no exception. Unfortunately, these unexpected results were achieved with the participation of Uzbek boxers.

Below, we will focus on such sensational upsets.

Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov (Uzbekistan) - Kurt Walker (Ireland) 1/8 final

- I think a lot has been written and spoken about this battle. Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov, the reigning world champion in the -57 kg weight category, unfortunately stopped his participation in the first fight due to some factors. However, at the beginning of the Olympics, he was one of the main contenders for victory. However, the referee gave a reason and the Irish boxer celebrated the victory.


Vasily Levit (Kazakhstan) - Emmanuel Reyes (Spain) 1/8 final

- There were many people who predicted the success of Kazakhstan's Vasily Levit in the -91 kg weight category in Tokyo, a silver medalist of the Rio Olympics, two-time world champion, multiple winner and prize-winner of the Asian championship. Because there were enough reasons for that. The Rio Olympics final will probably be well remembered by boxing fans. In the final, he lost to Russia's Evgeny Tishchenko. However, his victory was recognized by the boxing community.

So, he was the main contender to become a champion in this Olympics. However, in the first round, he lost to a Spanish boxer. With a knockout on top. Here's a super sensation for you!


Amit Panghal (India) - Yuberjen Martinez (Colombia) 1/8 final

- Indian boxer Amit Panghal was also one of the main candidates for the championship in the weight category -52 kg. There were many opinions that only Uzbek boxer Shakhobiddin Zoirov could defeat him. However, the Colombian once again proved that ordinary competitors do not visit the Olympics. True, Yuberjen is a silver medalist in the -49 kg weight class at the Rio Olympics. However, in this matchup, the Colombian’s chances were underestimated. However, Martinez left no chance to the Indian star and rightly won.


Carlo Paalam (Philippines) - Shakhobiddin Zoirov (Uzbekistan) ¼ final

- For Shakhobiddin Zoirov, the current Olympic and world champion in the weight category of 52 kg, this fight ended very unsuccessfully. The Filipino leather glove master was able to put up a decent resistance against his famous opponent. Unfortunately, the injury in the second round gave Zoirov a reason, and the points offered by the referees in the first round caused a sensation in Paalam.


Kamshybek Kunkabayev (Kazakhstan) - Richard Torrez (USA) ½ final

- It is safe to say that the defeat of the Kazakh boxer in the heaviest weight category, who could seriously be a problem for Bakhodir Jalolov, was also unexpected. Richard Torrez' chances in this fight were not appreciated by fans and experts. However, Torrez showed that he was seriously preparing for this Olympics and literally brought his strong opponent to his knees and recorded a unique sensation.


Delante Johnson's victories over Kazakhstan's Abilaykhan Zhussupov and host fighter Ryomei Tanaka over Colombia's Yuberjen Martinez are also among those events.

Although boxing competitions are ongoing, the results that are now being recorded are probably not that surprising!

Of course, these are the opinions expressed by fans and experts, as well as opinions based on the results recorded by boxers before the Olympics.

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