Uzbekistan’s junior trio Bozorov, Tulkinov and Boltayev advanced to their second ASBC finals

 Uzbekistan’s trio Dalerjon Bozorov, Lazizbek Tulkinov and Shavkatjon Boltayev advanced to their second ASBC finals after Kuwait City.

The best 26 female talents and 26 male junior boxers remained in action and all of them can prepare now for their final bouts which will be held this Sunday. All of the junior weight categories were in action on the seventh competition day which had a long session today but the experts recognized many talents in Dubai. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Iran and Mongolia have got junior finalists in the championship.

The number of junior boxers is 152 while 141 youth athletes are competing in the Dubai event. Altogether 293 boxers including 84 girls are attending in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships. The Technical Delegate of the competition is Mrs. Marina Ni of Kazakhstan who supports the success of the event.

Fifteen nations sent their boxers to the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Dubai: Bahrain, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Mongolia, Nepal, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan. The competition is streamed in the ASBC YouTube channel and the fans can follow all of the sessions in the upcoming nearly two weeks.

The company of Green Hill is the official equipment provider as in the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships which is a money prize event, all of the medallists can earn cash prizes. Altogether record number of 51 champions will be crowned in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships, 25 girls and 26 boys.

Kazakhstan’s Damir Baipakov won the first tough battle of the day

Uzbekistan’s Bakhtiyor Yakhshiboyev proved impressive performance in the quarter-finals of the championship and met in the semi-final of the pin weight (46kg) with Kazakhstan’s Damir Baipakov. The smaller Uzbek opened the first round in an aggressive style of boxing and tried to rule the contest with his tough jabs. His Kazakh opponent tried to use his height advantage better in the second round and he overcame Yakhshiboyev in the attacks effectively. Baipakov received excellent advice from his coach Mr. Arkadiy Topayev who competed at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games representing the CIS Team. The Kazakh talent was smarter in the second part of the bout and will be boxing for the title with Iraq’s new sensation Abbas Qasim.

Mongolia’s first finalist in Dubai is Tuvshinzaya Otgonbayar

Iraq’s junior national team exceeded the expectations in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships and their next young hope, Abbas Fadhil competed in the semi-finals of the light flyweight (48kg). The Iraqi talent met with Mongolia’s Tuvshinzaya Otgonbayar in the last four which delivered excellent rhythm in the first round. The Mongolian used his distance well and proved good technical skills despite his hard period in the recent one and half year. The Iraqi boxer was brave, moved ahead but the Mongolian had better skills in their contest and after two rounds, Otgonbayar had the advantage. The Mongolian felt the distance better in the third round and marched into the final where he will be meeting with India’s Rohit Chamoli.

Tajikistan’s Ruslan Gafurov can prepare for his first ASBC final

Tajikistan’s Ruslan Gafurov claimed a bronze medal at the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships at the age of 13 therefore his objective in Dubai is to take an even better result. His Kyrgyz semi-final opponent Bayastan Toktosunov was more than a hard opponent, Gafurov had difficulties in the first round to use the best distance. The Kyrgyz flyweight (50kg) talent received a multiple combinations from Gafurov in the beginning of the second round which showed the Tajik changed his rhythm in this semi-final. Gafurov was more focused in the second and third rounds which means the Tajik can meet for the title with Uzbekistan’s Hojiakbar Mahmudov.

Dalerjon Bozorov advanced to his second ASBC final

Uzbekistan’s ASBC Asian Schoolboys Champion Dalerjon Bozorov won all of his junior contests in the recent one and half year but he had a hard quarter-final in Dubai. Following that tight contest, the 16-year-old Uzbek did not underestimate India’s southpaw talent, Anshul in the semi-final and kept the focus. Bozorov was more patient and waited for the best attacking position to catch his Indian rival with rapid jabs. The unbeaten Uzbek boxer was better in all aspects of boxing today and defeated his talented Indian opponent by unanimous decision. Bozorov will have one final step to get the gold medal of the junior featherweight (57kg) in Dubai where he can expect a strong battle against Kazakhstan’s Bakhtiyar Anarbayev.

Kyrgyzstan’s Almaz Orozbekov advanced to the final of the lightweight

Kyrgyzstan’s third junior semi-finalist today was Almaz Orozbekov who impressed in the quarter-final stage of the championships. The Kyrgyz talent controlled the first round against Iran’s Ali Baratalipour Farkhani and used his longer reach to land strong jabs. Orozbekov proved also excellent defensive skills in the second round when he was untouchable for the Iranian boxer. The Kyrgyz pride had strong motivation in this bout and he tried to do his very best to get through to the final of the lightweight (60kg). Orozbekov dominated his semi-final and will be facing for the title with Uzbekistan’s Javokhir Ummataliyev.

Uzbekistan’s Lazizbek Tulkinov continued his winning path

Uzbekistan’s ASBC Asian Schoolboy Champion Lazizbek Tulkinov was more than 10cm taller than Tajikistan’s Mukhammad Jabborov in their semi-final at the light welterweight (63kg). The 16-year-old Uzbek met with tough resistance, his neighboring opponent tried to reduce the fighting distance in their semi-final in Dubai. Jabborov moved ahead to get closer to his Uzbek opponent and he tried to land the high number of hooks from closer range. Tulkinov was more punctual in the third round and he was able to keep the victory in a difficult contest and will now meet for the title with Kyrgyzstan’s Eldar Yesembayev.  

Kazakhstan’s Islam Sovetov dominated his semi-final

Kazakhstan’s Islam Sovetov competed in strong international and national junior events this year and he proved his excellent technical skills on these occasions. The Kazakh welterweight (66kg) boxer was taller than Tajikistan’s Yusuf Fozilov but he was also strong in fighting and he combined two different tactics today. Fozilov, who eliminated a local rival in the previous stage, was competitive only in the first round and could not manage the tactical issues for today against a well-experienced rival. Sovetov will have the chance to take the gold medal of this tough weight class against Uzbekistan’s Fazliddin Erkinboyev.

Uzbekistan’s Shavkatjon Boltayev delivered the first RSC of the day

Uzbekistan’s next boxer in the semi-final was Shavkatjon Boltayev, another gold medallist from the 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. The 16-year-old Uzbek is small at the light middleweight (70kg) but he uses an aggressive style of boxing and caught Kazakhstan’s experienced Viktor Litvinov already in the first bout. The Tajik referee counted the Kazakh boxer twice in the first and second rounds and following the last one, he confirmed Boltayev’s RSC success. The powerful Uzbek will be boxing for the title of the weight class with India’s Gaurav Saini in Dubai.

Uzbekistan’s Sardorbek Tursunov won his semi-final before the final gong

Uzbekistan’s next semi-finalist was Sardorbek Tursunov who had a tall Tajik opponent in the last four, Akmaljon Abduvaliev. The Uzbek light heavyweight (80kg) boxer caught his neighboring rival with tough shots in the first round and the Hungarian referee counted Abduvaliev after those hard combinations. Abduvaliev tried to keep the distance better in the second round but Tursunov was better in all aspects of boxing and due to the three warnings, the Tajik has been disqualified today. Tursunov will be boxing for the title with his main rival, Kazakhstan’s Mokhamed Attia Khamed.

Uzbekistan’s Gulsevar Ganieva won her semi-final easily

Uzbekistan’s Gulsevar Ganieva won their Junior National Championships twice and after her successes, she is a favorite at the women’s pin weight (46kg) in Dubai. Ganieva met in the semi-finals with United Arab Emirates’ 16-year-old Jawahir Gharib Morad who is a debutant in our sport. The Samarkand-based Uzbek girl landed a tough jab in the first minute and the referee counted the local talent. Ganieva proved impressive footwork, she dominated the bout and her opponent’s ringside abandoned the unequal contest. The Uzbek will be facing for the title of the weight class with India’s quick Muskan on Sunday.

Tanu eliminated her neighboring Nepali opponent

India’s next boxer in action was Tanu who won five contests in their Women’s Junior National Championships before the start of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships. Her semi-final opponent Nepal’s Swastika Tiwari dominated her national selection event and she had a brave attempt to beat her powerful Indian rival. The Nepali talent landed a few good shots but Tanu had a different rhythm and produced her very best in the second round. Tiwari survived the most dangerous moments in that period and she was able to fight against the Indian until the final gong. Tanu’s final opponent will be Kazakhstan’s Tomiris Myrzakul at the light bantamweight (52kg).

Kazakhstan’s duo Baidukova and Sarsenbek are finalists in Dubai

Kazakhstan’s Viktoriya Baidukova had better footwork than Tajikistan’s Bibijon Muzafarova in the first round of their bantamweight (54kg) semi-final therefore she had the strong advantage after two minutes. Baidukova performed her very best in the third round and bowed out Muzafarova which means she can box for the gold medal with Uzbekistan’s two-time Junior National Champion Guldana Tileubergenova. Kazakhstan’s next finalist became Ulzhan Sarsenbek who defeated Uzbekistan’s Karakalpakstan-based Rano Muratbayeva and only an Indian boxer are in the position to stop her.

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