Uzbekistan’s two-time Asian Champion Nodirjon Mirzakhmedov – It is a big honour that our President congratulates to me after my second gold medal

Uzbekistan’s first gold medal in the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships was achieved by Nodirjon Mirzakhmedov in Dubai. He won the title in the Bangkok 2019 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships and defended his throne in the Dubai edition. Mirzakhmedov used his fantastic and virtuoso technical skills to beat all of his rivals in the continental event.

Uzbekistan’s amazing Nodirjon Mirzakhmedov competed in his first ever ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships in Amman in 2013 at the age of 19 and he won the last edition in Bangkok two years ago. The defending champion of the light flyweight (49kg) eliminated Mongolia’s new sensation Orkhontungalag Unubold in the semi-finals with fantastic performance.

He met for the title with Kazakhstan’s teenager, their newly crowned National Champion, Daniyal Sabit who eliminated Philippines’ Mark Lester Durens. Mirzakhmedov had effective hooks in the first round and he worked from longer range against the 18-year-old Kazakh. The experienced Uzbek stopped the Kazakh attacks successfully in the second round and he claimed his second Asian title.

 “The level of the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships was fantastic in Dubai, I enjoyed the event so much. All of the rivals of my weight category were worthy guys, they have good skills and I respected them.

The final of the light flyweight was very difficult for me, my young Kazakh opponent is a top talent. I used my counter-attacks to keep the distance and beat him for the gold medal. The President of my state personally congratulated to us which is an amazing feeling and a big honour for me.

I am planning to attend in the AIBA World Boxing Championships in a few months and after the short relaxation I will prepare for that with full speed,” said Uzbekistan’s two-time ASBC Asian Champion Nodirjon Mirzakhmedov after the competition.

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