Ahliddin Mirzadavlatov's opponent has been announced ... He will fight against the representative of Chechnya

We reported that Uzbek MMA fighter Ahliddin Mirzadavlatov has signed a contract with Russia's most prestigious promotion ACA (Absolute Championship Akhmat) and his debut under this promotion will take place on August 8. But it was not clear who he would fight. According to the athlete himself, his first opponent in the ACA will be Adam Aliev from Chechnya.

During his tenure, the Chechen representative fought 12 times and won 9 of them. He has 3 defeat too. Ahliddin defeated his 8 opponents in 9 fights of him.

For information, 29-year-old Mirzadavlatov won his last fight at the GFC 20 tournament in Tashkent against Jafar Ismiev of Azerbaijan.


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