Judo. It is known that our national team will participate in competitions that will bring the most points

  • 24 Jul 16:34
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From August 4 to August 6 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, passing in judo, which is included in the category “Masters”. The Judo Federation of Uzbekistan has discovered a list of published sports that will take part in it.

It is worth noting that this tournament counts as a tournament that is suitable for more ranking points in the center of Paris-2024 (even older than the World Cup). The turnip, which is part of the sulfur ”Masters", held 1 time a year, can only be secured in it by sports, who managed to get among the 36 strongest in the scorpions category. Athletes who win in Budapest in their own way receive 1800 points for the world and Olympic rankings.

In our case, it is possible to introduce such world champions as Bobonov State, Muzaffarbek Turaboev, World Cup winners like Diera Yeldiyarova, Dilshod Baratov, Alisher Yusupov and our other athletes. And the full content will be displayed as follows images:

-60 kg: Dilshod Baratov
-60 kg: Dastan Ruziev
-66 kg: Captain Nurillaev
-66 kg: Mukhriddin Tilov
-73 kg: Shahram Akhadov
-73 kg: Murodjon Yuldashev
-73 kg: Abidkhan Numanov
-90 kg: sovereign Bobonov
-90 kg: Jahangir Mamatragimov
-100 kg: Muzaffarbek Turaboev
-100 kg: Otabek Turaboev
+100 kg: Alisher Yusupov
+100 kg: Shahrukh Bakhtiyarov

-48 kg: Halima Kurbanova
-52 kg: Dyara Keldiyarova
-52 kg: Sita Kadambayeva
-57 kg: Shukurjon Aminova
-70 kg: Gulnoza Textiyazova
-70 kg: Shakhista Nazarova
-78 kg: Iris Khan Kurbanbayeva


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