• 24 Mar 19:21
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Judoists hold a TCB in Samarkand

The judo team, consisting of 15 martial artists, under the leadership of Nurali Kabulov is in Samarkand for training camps.

  • 24 Dec 21:39
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The results of the UCH in judo have been summed up

The 3-day judo Championship of Uzbekistan has ended in the Yunusabad sports complex. Yesterday, martial artists in the heavyweight division took to the tatami.

  • 24 Dec 21:34
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Khorezm judoists are the best in the republic

On December 21-23, the Uzbek Judo Championship among adults took place in the Yunusabad sports complex in the capital.

  • 23 Dec 15:15
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Davlat Boronov regained his leadership in the world ranking.

Davlat Bobonov has once again become the leader

  • 22 Dec 12:00
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The first winners of the Uzbekistan Judo Championship have been determined

The first competitive day was quite rich in surprises.

  • 06 Dec 22:11
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The best judoists of the continent are determined

The third day of the Asian Judo Championship among juniors and youth in Beirut was left behind.

  • 04 Dec 12:30
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Young judoists are in the lead in the team competition

To date, the competitions in the junior category have ended.

  • 29 Nov 18:39
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Turaev in the final, Tajiyev will compete for bronze

The second judo competition day in Abu Dhabi is going well for our national team.

  • 29 Nov 18:37
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Hikmatillokh Turaev - Vice-champion of the Grand Slam

The second day of the Judo Grand Slam competition is coming to an end in Abu Dhabi