Our judoists are expected to perform on the final day of the

On the last day of the competition, our martial artists, performing among the heavyweights, will take part.

Among them you can meet the winner of Tokyo 2020, Dovlat Babanov, who defends the colors of the National Flag in the weight up to 90 kg. Also, the honor of our country on the final day of the tournament will be defended by: Muzaffarbek Turabayev, Aklmurodbek Khudoyberdiev, Shokhrukh Mamarasulov. The first rivals of domestic judoists:

-90 kg: Davlat Bobonov – Jahongir Majidov (Tajikistan) / Mohab Elnahas (Canada)
-100 kg: Muzaffarbek Turaboev - Folk Petersilka (Germany)
-100 kg: Aklmurodbek Khudoyberdiev-Thomas Briceno (Chile)
+100 kg: Shokhrukh Mamarasulov – Marius Fizel (Slovakia)

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