Uzbek Davlat Bobonov became the strongest judoka on the planet

The International Judo Federation has updated the rating of the world's strongest judoists in all categories. In the weight up to 90 kg, the list was headed by the bronze medalist of the 2020 Olympics Davlat Bobonov. The Uzbek has previously been on the first line of this rating - it was nine years ago, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Uzbekistan.
Sharofiddin Boltaboev (up to 81 kg) and Sardor Nurillaev (-66 kg) also entered the top ten in their weight

Davlat Bobonov is 24 years old, he is a native of Navoi region. At the Tokyo Olympics, the Uzbek won the bronze medal, defeating his opponent from Turkey, Michael Zganka, in the final.

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