Uzbekistan head coach Ruzikul Berdiev attends the press conference

The acting head coach of Uzbekistan national team Ruzikul Berdiev attended a press conference took place at the Miran International Hotel on Friday.

The 46-year-old head coach talked to the media ahead of the international friendly match against UAE will be held at Sheikh Khalifa International Stadium in Al Ain on Tuesday.

We started training sessions for the upcoming Emirates clash this morning as all the called-up players joined the team. We decided to build a team with young players that other experienced players will have time for a rest and we will use them in other friendly games.

I prefer to use the help of coaching staff of FC Nasaf as it is easy to communicate with this kind of coaches in short-term and we know each other very well for five years. We are thinking about the ways how to improve the team, which means that the result of the game is not important in the friendlies.


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