Uzbekistan's judokas to take part in Seniro European Cup 2018

Uzbekistan’s judokas will participate in the international judo tournament "Seniro European Cup 2018" as a next step in the preparations for the Asian Games.

Nearly 300 athletes from 16 countries will compete for medals in Orenburg, Russia on May 12-13.


Uzbekistan national judo team

-60kg: Azamat Matyakubov

-66kg: Rahmon Jumaev

-66kg: Artyom Shturbabin

-73kg: Umidjon Abdullaev

-90kg: Doston Meyliev

-100kg: Shoberdi Rustamov

+ 100kg: Artyom Bagdasarov

+ 100kg: Khusniddin Husanov


Coach: Rustam Ametov

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