When will Mahmud Murodov return to the octagon? This was reported by the athlete himself.

The fight of the first Uzbek fighter Makhmud Muradov against Kevin Holland in the UFC promotion was canceled due to the fact that Muradov was infected with the coronavirus. Muradov returned to training after a certain quarantine process. He announced this on his social media pages.

"The first training session after quarantine ... Alhamdulillah, we are feeling well, we are going to the Czech Republic these days. When I get back to Prague, I want to relax a bit and spend time with my family, and then we will definitely start training again. Inshallah we will return to the octagon in February. Thank you all for your support! ”Murodov wrote.

For information, Mahmud Murodov had two fights in the UFC and won both.

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